At sunset, after a day of skiing, or after an invigorating walk in the mountains, enjoy a moment of pleasure, relaxation and recreation with particular attention to the culinary tradition of Aosta Valley.

The copious local dishes offer a real gastronomic delight. You can savor and discover: mountain potatoes, Fontina DOP, alpine cheese, dried beef, Lard Arnad DOP, fresh marinated cheese and the famous Saint-Marcel row ham, which is treated with a mixture of mountain herbs and seasoned for 14 or 18 months in the particular micro-climate of Saint-Marcel, a small village near Aosta.


Le sontuose merende valdostane propongono delizie gastronomiche: le patate di montagna, la fontina DOP d’alpeggio, tome, mocetta, lardo Arnad DOP, tomini marinati ed il famoso Prosciutto Crudo di Saint-Marcel trattato con una miscela di erbe aromatiche di montagna e stagionate per 14 o 18 mesi nel micro-clima particolare di Saint-Marcel, un piccolo paese nei dintorni di Aosta.