Lounge Bar – Bar à Champagne – “La Gabella”


The big glass wall of the lobby are the perfect backdrop for our beautiful garden. The atmosphere, elegant and informal at the same time, creates a mood where relaxing is more than an invitation, but a pleasure. Our Lounge Bar will be open throughout the day for a quick lunch with fresh salads, freshly picked fruits or vegetables smoothies and fanciful local “assiettes” with typical products; you can moreover taste an aperitif made ​​from local wines, savor a cup of tea with fresh little pastries or enjoy a relaxing after dinner. You will find a large assortment of cocktails and can experience cognac or whiskey, savor our unique and fine local wines, in addition, of course, to the large choice of national and international wines or delight you senses with our unique selection of Herbal Teas & Infusions using local plants. In our Bar à Champagne, we have selected the best Champagnes in order to offer you the best top quality .